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i’m courtney hilow – graphic designer and owner of my studio, hilow creative. i have a keen ability to adapt to any situation (or brand) and produce clean, high-quality work in a variety of formats. i am known for my fast turnarounds, as i am inherently structured and organized. conceptualizing thoughtful, aesthetically pleasing graphics to inspire your audience is what i do best. you don’t have to take my word for it either. here is a quote from a 2016 review: courtney is an amazing designer. it always feels ‘right,’ and by that i mean in alignment with the brand we’re supporting and the goal we’re trying to achieve.”


additional information about me:

  • i have 7+ years of graphic design experience and have worked with a wide range of clients.
  • from planning to production – i do it all.
  • my design approach is collaborative and client-centric.
  • the work i produce is egoless – i welcome critique and feedback on all designs to guarantee client satisfaction.
  • i’m a responsive and clear communicator.
  • because of my resourceful nature, i can often find low-cost solutions when working with smaller budgets.
  • i have never missed a deadline and am rarely over budget due to my exceptional project management skills.
  • i specialize in taking brand standards and rendering them in creative ways to maintain brand recognition while keeping things fresh across all channels.
  • i learn quickly and have the confidence that i can do anything with practice.
  • speaking of learning, i love it and am constantly studying new techniques and fields to allow for perpetual growth.
  • transforming top-level ideas into solid infographics that can be understood at a glance is another skill i possess.
  • my prepress files are immaculate. printers love me.
  • i have a clean, modern, and unique style. 
  • and finally, my positive and enthusiastic disposition make me enjoyable to work with!